May 3, 2024

PSA-Designed QC Product at Embedded World 2024

AI-enabled Industrial Machine Vision system based on Toradex's SoM
The latest PSA-designed product was successfully showcased at the Embedded World show on April 9-11 in Nuremberg. All who dive into the embedded systems in the context of industrial transformation and connected environments had an opportunity to take insight from the next-gen Defect Detection Solution at Toradex’s booth.

AI-enabled Machine Vision System intends to revolutionize QC processes for printing production. Based on Toradex’s core, it enables the delivery of high-definition (HD) video streams from the flexographic film at speeds up to 1000 meters per minute and the detection of printing gaps utilizing AI capacities in real-time. The choice of Toradex's Colibri IMX6ULL module as a design core was pivotal to ensure a reliable and easy-to-program nature with its ability to efficiently handle HD video streaming over Ethernet. 

Major system features involve: 

  • e-con Systems high-speed Camera connection for capturing the nuanced details;

  • 3rd party neural network running on the server side;

  • Light and sound signaling indicating the occurrence of the monitored event(s);

  • Server communication service established using Python and WebSockets;

  • A robust communication of the Colibri module with the control server via an Ethernet interface.


Our joint case highlights the significance of reliable innovation partnerships to meet complex, peculiar, and vague requirements put by AI and MV for industrial applications. Again, it proves how the choice of the right partner for the core components alleviates development and financial challenges, promoting fast and cost-effective delivery of innovative products. 

Get acquainted with our fast track to top-precise industrial machine vision system in Toradex’s blog.

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