February 24, 2019

Big Data Security

The term “Big Data” refers to the massive amounts of digital information that companies collect. Industry estimates the growth rate of data roughly doubles itself every two years, from 2500 Exabytes in 2012 to an expected 40,000 Exabytes in 2020.

Most companies work hard to obtain valuable business information, which will then be used by different internal groups. However, once the data is received, the protection of this information becomes a priority and your business needs to ensure that there is no data lost or other system weaknesses. Increased revenue is the easy to see end benefit that companies are seeking when obtaining and deciphering massive data deliveries, perhaps regarding their client base; though the approach any given company takes may be unique. UPS has spent over $1B a year gathering fleet data to map out the most efficient delivery routes. HSBC uses big data to monitor and even predict fraud. Allstate Insurance has created an entire data science department to definitively answer questions about customer loyalty and claims. And Amazon and Netflix use big data to keep customers coming back for more.

Many IT security companies offer data protection software that allows customers to protect their data at rest and in use, even when data moves outside the organization. These software products are using different frameworks and encryption technologies to protect big data.

The largest players in this market are IBM, EMC, Teradata, VMware etc. For example, VMware offers Big Data software, such as its recent VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions product, which lets vSphere control Hadoop deployments and make it easier for enterprises to launch Big Data projects. Additionally, they provide protected Cloud Services.

Cloud computing experts also believe that the most reasonable way to improve the security of Big Data is through the continual expansion in the antivirus industry. A multitude of antivirus vendors, offering a variety of solutions, provides a better defense against Big Data security threats.
But if your company has unique software that needs to be frequently upgraded due to security reasons – the best choice is to work with a reliable development company. Professional Software Associates has many examples of successfully accomplished projects, which help to protect our customer’s data at the highest level. PSA helps to create custom software, which meets all safety requirements.

One of the successfully completed projects in this realm required the creation of a User Interface for a Perimeter Security System. PSA created user friendly Graphical Control Module that was used to monitor a predefined area in order to prevent trespassing. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool.

A follow on project was to develop a Perimeter Security Software, which included a complete environment for the display and monitoring of a network of perimeter security devices. The product is being deployed globally for perimeter security applications used in both intrusion detection for military, government, and private facilities, as well as escape detection for prison applications. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool.

PSA offers its innovative enterprise iot solutions in data management which helps your business grow and keep competitive in the market. If you have an upcoming project you’d like assistance with contact us for free consultation sales@PSA.inc.


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