TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor

Innovative solution for real-time detection of failures and predictive maintenance of level crossings


TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor – is an integrated solution for level crossings providing real-time detection of failures and predictive maintenance. Based on WAGO’s Health Monitoring system deployed at level crossings, TraxSentinel collects operational data from every asset, measures performance characteristics looking for abnormalities, stores this data on a Back Office server, and sends real-time notifications in case of issues. This solution allows dispatchers and maintenance personnel to receive alarm warnings immediately and monitor predicted maintenance needs for level crossing equipment.

How Rail Industry Benefits from TraxSentinel

TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor is an innovative product that significantly improves safety at level crossings using real-time failure detection and predictive maintenance capabilities. Predictive monitoring is achieved using measurement characteristics looking for anticipated out of band abnormalities for assets being tracked. Thanks to the support of different user roles and functions, this product meets the needs of both maintenance organizations as well as rail authorities.

The core product features are:
  •      •     Real-time Monitoring. Remote data collection and real-time display of level crossings on a dashboard
  •      •    Instant Alerts. Visual and audible notifications of alarm conditions
  •      •    Detailed Analytics. Insights for all enabled level crossings
  •      •    Maintenance Automation. Notification and provision of crucial data of level crossing failures to assigned maintainers.

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 The solution consists of the WAGO field equipment that is installed at level crossings and two software components:
     •    Remote Agent is used for data collection at the level crossings and communicating it to the Back Office, as well as providing remote access to detailed information such as event logs
          Back Office system is used as a centralized point of communication with Remote Agents at level crossings, allowing for data collection and storage within an on-premise server or in the cloud. The Back Office sends automatic notifications and displays level crossings on dashboard(s), allowing users to view remote location status and alarm states, or to remotely access level crossing sites to obtain detailed information.

Architecture of Level Cross Monitoring Solution


The Dashboard provides an overview of the situational awareness for the state of all enabled level crossings. Visual status is displayed on one or more monitors or may rotation between groups of level crossings being monitored.  Among information available for display includes:
     •    Level Crossing Name
     •    Level Crossing Location
     •    Level Crossing State
     •    Number of gates and gate status
     •    Visual alarms.

Dashboard of Level Cross Monitoring Solution

User Roles

TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor provides multi-level access for all responsible parties involved in monitoring and maintenance of level crossings:
     •    Dispatcher/Supervisor is able to observe information on assigned level crossings, view detailed crossing information including; location, schema, and related issues history; supervisors can manage issues by acknowledging them, assign maintainers, provide additional work instructions to maintainers, and close them
     •    Maintainer receives alerts on level crossings, views detailed information, and reacts to assigned issues associated to level crossings
     •    Administrator is responsible for system configuration and assigning access controls for Supervisors, Dispatchers, and Maintainers
     •    Unassigned User can view only the level crossing dashboard.

Dispatcher Workplace

The Dispatcher or Supervisor, is a user who monitors a specific set of level crossings. The Dispatcher may access level crossings via the Remote Agents to gather in-depth real-time information from the site. Dispatcher operations include acknowledgment of alarms and warnings and communication with assigned maintainers. The Dispatcher workplace provides all visual features of the Dashboard in addition to displaying a detailed view for a selected level crossing:
     •    Detailed level crossing scheme with location map
     •    Images or video stream from local camera(s)
     •    Event and status logs
     •    Assigned maintainer contact details
     •    List of alarms/warnings.

Dispatcher Workplace

Administrator Workplace

The Administrator is a user who can set up and configure TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor software:
     •    User accounts and access rights
     •    Maintenance personnel accounts
     •    Level crossing profiles
     •    Assignments for Dispatchers and maintainers
     •    Configuration of Dashboard and level crossings.

Admin Workplace of Level Crossing Monitoring Solution

Maintainer Workplace

The maintainer is a user responsible for the repair of level crossings and has the following capabilities:
     •    Receive alert messages
     •    View detailed information on level crossing failures
     •    Accept repair requests
     •    Comment and request clarifications on failures.

Video Presentation of TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor Solution

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