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Software Development services for IoT and Railways

For more than 25 years we have been providing custom software design which «breathes life» into the whole IoT Ecosystem and rail signaling solutions. Our team is focused on providing IoT solutions for Enterprises as well as railway signaling infrastructure, including software development. So we know how to develop a completely secure cloud solution or adjust smooth data collection from thousands of distant units. But if you have a project in another field or you are an ambitious start-up, we will also be pleased to share our experience and assist in developing a new EIoT solution to satisfy your business needs.

Technologies are ever-changing, and IoT is especially impacted by constant technological advancement. Our specialists have experience in highly customized railway signaling and Enterprise IoT solutions and are able to work with the latest innovations including technologies in AI, VR, or Big Data Analysis. We can also help modernize legacy equipment, leverage our complete turnkey solution development, or outsource any of the product development cycle stages.

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Product Requirements

To ensure all aspects of development are carried out, we include various internal teams and consider the idea together with the client. PSA collects the project requirements, engages business analysts if required and carefully prepares documentation. We assist you through the entire Software Development process, from whiteboard concepts to Operationalization and Maintenance.

Architecture & Design

With the requirements document in place, we define the development process, as well as the internal structure of a future solution. Once the general architecture is determined, engineers will identify and elaborate on internal and external interfaces, delineate the internal logic of different components, and document them in a design specification.


Depending on the project requirements, our team can deliver Native applications written in Java (for Android), Objective C and Swift (for iOS), C# and Delphi (for Windows), C/C++ for Linux or use related frameworks, such as Ionic or Angular, and C++ and Qt for cross-platform integration.

We also have the ability to work on front-end development for intuitive UI apps, Backend for services utilizing public clouds, on-premise or hybrid servers, database management systems, big data, deep learning and machine vision, and edge computing. We can use web standard services and APIs for communication, or customize them. Then, we can provide UX/UI services, implementing an ergonomic, intuitive, and attractive interface for the solution.

Quality Assurance

First, we choose the testing methodology for the project and create a test plan. During testing cycles, our QA team evaluates the technical and business requirements of the project and finds any errors. This stage is completed only after the successful conclusion of acceptance testing.


We guarantee the quality of our services via deployment in the customer’s environment and make them available for end-users. We make our solutions scalable, test their fault tolerance, and use virtualization to increase system predictability. If you face the challenge of making code changes while maintaining stability for deployment to a production environment, we can help you to implement CI/CD on the project.


PSA provides the client with all necessary documentation such as deployment and installation guides, quick start guides, brochures, user manuals, tutorials, help systems, and e-Training programs. Also, we can offer further solution maintenance as needed by the client.

Delivery at any stage

Our consulting team consists of engineers, developers, and marketing specialists, and is pleased to assist you at any stage of the IoT development process. We have all the necessary resources to guarantee full-cycle implementation with major modern technology, from AI to VR.

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