September 23, 2019

Bootloader Integration Project

Our team recently completed a project for one of our US clients in the healthcare industry. This was our first project together and we look forward to build a thriving relationship and have a continuous partnership.

They were looking to create a Bootloader for the Atmel SAM D20 microprocessor that would be used on custom printed circuit boards with i.MX module. They shipped the hardware to our development team in Minsk, Belarus and our engineers spent a few weeks working on the project.

PSA used Atmel Studio 7 and Python programming language to develop the Bootloader firmware that implements the application update process as well as the Bootloader update process. Additionally, PSA tested the Bootloader on the received hardware and provided our client with the documentation for deploying, running and rebuilding delivered firmware.

Our engineers successfully completed the project and now our client can move forward with the product development.

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