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Plenty of EIoT projects require bespoke software solutions and absolutely all of them collect data, and therefore require multi-stage tests. At PSA, we perform QA tests for separate IoT devices, software solutions, and the whole Ecosystem to verify security, functionality, and performance. Our team tests devices regardless of their size, shape, or cost. PSA believes this to be of fundamental importance when considering EIoT and the devices that make up a solution,  as many devices are not designed with security in mind.

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Usability Testing

If the required EIoT solution will be interacting with the end-users, for instance with your staff or clients, we are pleased to provide usability testing. At this stage, we evaluate how clear the app’s navigation is, how the info is made available, and how complete the data is. To identify weaknesses with the app’s usability, we will provide the company with a moderator who will note human reactions and an expert who will make a review. The info received during testing will help the company to collect the data from the staff and clients more accurately, which will assist in making more informed decisions.

Compatibility Testing

We test the EIoT solutions on their compatibility in a certain environment, especially with hardware platforms, network devices, peripherals, databases, system software, or various browsers. Due to this Enterprise IoT testing, you will see how well these solutions work with particular devices, thus helping you to expand areas of use of the delivered solutions.

Reliability Testing

EIoT solutions are needed to communicate with lots of distant units, collect data from them and induce a reaction; for example, opening a window when the sensor detects a high temperature in a greenhouse. So if you want to scale EIoT solutions, we are pleased to provide reliability testing services. We can place the product in the working environment, and will monitor resource consumption, identify memory leaks and make sure that the processing speed won’t decrease over time. Thus, we can identify if the particular system is ready to work with extreme loads.

Data Integrity Testing

EIoT solutions can work with a large amount of data. So to get the correct data for further analysis, it is necessary to identify duplicate or null values and make sure that the data type, length, and format are correct in an existing database. To do that, we test the compatibility of the database with both legacy systems and modern delivered solutions, and assist in data integration.

Security Testing

Security tests assess the vulnerability of the software to various attacks. During security testing, the tester plays the role of a hacker who attempts to find out the password using external means, tries to break down the system using special utilities that analyze protection, introduce errors in the hope of hacking into the system during its recovery, and browse unclassified data to find a login key. If the system passes our tests, it will be safe for use by anyone who can’t risk data, money, or reputation.

Performance Testing

Performance tests allow us to identify flaws in the device, like long request response time or blocked allocated memory, before launching into mass production. This procedure prevents problems with customer complaints, excessive maintenance costs, and the possibility of product recalls. Our QA department has the most modern equipment and test plans for solving Enterprise IoT testing problems. We can perform testing in the following areas: automatic and manual software/firmware/hardware testing, electrical and physical parameters testing, battery lifetime testing, and environmental testing.

Delivery at any stage

Our consulting team consists of engineers, developers, and marketing specialists, and is pleased to assist you at any stage of the IoT development process. We have all the necessary resources to guarantee full-cycle implementation with major modern technology, from AI to VR.

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