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To understand IoT technologies, you do not need to study technical documentation for days on end — just have a clear roadmap and an expert guide. PSA realized that IoT solutions can drive the most efficient business models today for plenty of enterprises, from factories to hospitals. The key is to analyze the market needs and pick out those solutions that will drive optimization to reduce costs.

We have been performing Industrial IoT consulting since 1993, and have a lot of experience in implementing this technology for enterprises from various areas of the economy. So, we know all the details to consider when integrating IoT if you want to improve the business significantly or provide impenetrable security. PSA can create a bespoke IoT strategy for your enterprise, as well as help develop, implement and maintain it.

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Insights & Strategy

We assist in developing your IoT Ecosystem, whether you want to implement it from scratch or improve the functionality of an existing EIoT solution. Our business analysts and technical specialists listen to your ideas, evaluate opportunities for improving the company's existing technological infrastructure, marketing needs and goals. Developing a project roadmap, we include your specific business goals and documents that lay out our plan for your project’s success.

Ecosystem Design

We will explain how a particular solution might be implemented in your enterprise. Usually at this stage, when all the documents are made, the development process and internal structure are to be defined. You will see the general architecture adopted for your business, internal and external interfaces, so you will have a clear idea of how enterprise processes will be connected and how you can control them all.


The nature of this stage depends on requirements: if you need only software, or only hardware, or mixed development, or some components of them. Regarding software, our developers develop a platform for the solution, choose language, and make UI. Regarding hardware, our engineers make schematic designs, deliver printed circuit boards (PBC) and perform prototyping. This stage can be completed only after successful iterations.

Technical IoT Consulting

Each stage of the EIoT implementation is accompanied by the creation of technical documentation crucial for clients, vendors, and end-users. If you need explanations of how some processes work or where the technical info could be found, our specialists will provide it for you. PSA provides the following document types: deployment and installation guides, quick start guides, brochures, user manuals, tutorials, help systems, and e-Training programs.

Security Review

If you have questions about how safe EIoT solutions are, including cloud platforms or internal networks, contact us to clarify them. Also, the systems can’t be released without multi-stage testing, such as automatic and manual software/firmware/hardware testing, electrical and physical parameters testing, functional testing, battery lifetime testing, environmental testing, or UX/UI testing.

Enterprise Integration

Providing Industrial IoT Consulting before integration, our team can show you how to:

  • integrate big data analysis with existing data;
  • modernize existing equipment via IoT;
  • organize the smooth transition from typical automation to AI automation;
  • set up IoT devices;
  • integrate IoT solutions with other enterprise systems;
  • augment the team with IoT specialists or instruct the team to work with IoT technology.

All the essential documentation is included, and our team will be able to walk you through every detail.

Delivery at any stage

Our consulting team consists of engineers, developers, and marketing specialists, and is pleased to assist you at any stage of the IoT development process. We have all the necessary resources to guarantee full-cycle implementation with major modern technology, from AI to VR.

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Learn more about how we engage and what our specialists can do for you
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