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Teamwork. Quality. Satisfaction.

25+ years of smart development

Professional Software Associates, Inc. (PSA) headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, has been delivering IoT and railway innovative solutions for enterprises since 1993. Being pioneers in R&D EIoT projects, we provide our clients with new competitive positioning opportunities via optimization of business processes. We have delivered projects in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia — all over the globe.

Quick facts about Professional Software Associates, Inc.

  • 25+ years of expertise
  • 600+ delivered projects
  • 100+ satisfied clients
  • 100+ staff members
  • 20+ countries on the global delivery map
  • 10+ R&D projects

PSA mission & principles

PSA mission & principles

We attract new customers and support our existing clients based on 3 core principles: 

Teamwork, Quality, and Satisfaction.

  • We won’t offer an enterprise IT solution you don’t need. Together with our clients, we analyze the market, identify project requirements, budget, terms, and design end-to-end solutions that help our customers solve particular issues or optimize resources.
  • PSA keeps pace with ever-changing technological advances and exceeds industry-set standards. In this spirit, we also encourage our employees to continuously enhance their skills via various educational programs and independent case studies. Therefore, we can offer our EIoT customers a robust solution based on the latest innovations — from VR to AI.
  • As a result, our clients gain an innovative enterprise IT solution, whether a consumer-oriented app or Enterprise IoT Ecosystem, that helps to gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Executive Board

John Hertrich
President & CEO
Meg Davies
VP of Operations
Sergey Ostromukhov
Director of Engineering
Kathi Simmonds
CFO & Executive VP

As an IT development company, we value

Discipline. PSA follows a disciplined software development process, based on IEEE standards, centered on the successful delivery of projects.

Expertise. Our engineers with a corresponding university degree and at least 8 years’ project experience can easily adapt to a client's specific demands. Major innovations in Rail and IoT are available for us, and we are pleased to integrate them into any solution to solve business and engineering challenges.

Flexibility. Our experience gives us unique insight about various robust resources to supplement or complement development requirements of project-based services, task-based sourcing, consulting, or staff augmentation.

Clarity. As an IT development company, PSA implements a tight development structure and provides iterations at every stage of a project. Our clients can contact the PM, who will provide insight and project updates, and can track it at any time using PSA project management tools.

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