January 19, 2024

PSA at CES – Highlights on Consumer IoT

CES event – is for all who are eager to bring the new age closer to the daily routine.

PSA couldn’t miss out on this show in 2024 and took a chance to advance our vision, inspire, and partner on innovative consumer-related techs. It was fascinating to explore new ways in how IoT works now for consumer needs, like robot assistants for homes, pets, and medicine purposes. However, the most attractive thing was to estimate how we could support various products with our solid and extensive expertise in AI, IoT software, and embedded systems. For instance, like the Machine Vision System we developed for productions, the same tech based on cloud or edge AI can be implemented for consumer devices. Now, we have all the chances to do it.

All three days of the show, on behalf of PSA, John Hertrich, our CEO, had been meeting up to converge visions on promising IoT-based solutions. Summing up the outcomes:

  • 27 meetings with management teams on development and partnership

  • Perspective connections on energy management, smart homes and cities, and vehicle tech solutions among others

2024 International CES

Thus, we know what to be guided by consumer IoT in 2024, and we are ready to turn our knowledge into valuable solutions. Thanks to all the companies we managed to meet at the exhibition – this was very fruitful. Looking forward to continued interaction!

The next step is the IoT Evolution Expo, which will take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from February 13 to 15, 2024. Can’t wait to see you there!

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