NetBurner is the expert in creating Ethernet and Wireless solutions including:
Core Modules that allow the ability to quickly and easily create an embedded product, create a network-enabled product, or add network connectivity to an existing product.
Serial to Ethernet servers ready to run right out of the box, with no programming required.
Development Kits include everything needed to implement products, including hardware, software, and tools.
Network Product Kit provides a professional grade enclosure with a power supply.
Wireless Solution integrate 802.11b/g/n into products quickly.
Serial-Enabled Web Server provides easy integration with web connected capabilities.
Professional Software Associates (PSA) is pleased to partner with NetBurner and share our in-depth experience in electrical design, firmware development, and integration of NetBurner products. We use only the latest innovative technologies to help our clients create award winning product designs.
Over the past 20+ years, PSA has successfully created and delivered over 400 projects in the following fields:
Hardware designs Embedded firmware Mobile applications Desktop applications Server applications
PSA looks forward to continuing its long history of successful hardware designs integrating NetBurner solutions. To learn more about how PSA can integrate a NetBurner solution into your product, request our free consultation.