June 26, 2023

PSA Partners with LEGIC Identsystems Ltd to Provide Ultimate IoT Security

Being a global service provider, PSA constantly expands its partner network to help IT-product companies bring reliable, secure, and lucrative EIoT products and solutions.

We are happy to announce LEGIC Intendsystems Ltd in the ranks of our partners! LEGIC partnership is to eliminate a pain point that is urgent for many companies intended to implement EIoT solutions – security.  Having performed 100K+ installations globally and 30+ years of expertise, LEGIC has a substantial base of cases to competently manage the security within IoT solutions.

Through this partnership, PSA as a service integrator of LEGIC’s Security Platform supports customers by developing, delivering, and bringing to market fully secure solutions in different domains such as:
Transportation and Logistics, Smart Health and Smart Manufacturing are examples of domains where PSA supports customers by developing, delivering, and bringing to market fully secure solutions.

LEGIC solutions are expected to provide encrypted end-to-end communication between our cloud, and mobile applications, as well as embedded systems we deliver. LEGIC security platform combines key management, trusted services and secure, contactless semiconductors for the ultimate security for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, and shared resources within Enterprise IoT applications.

PSA will be able to significantly improve the security and sustainability of the end-user solutions while verifying and managing their identity and permissions. This is especially important in industrial supply chains and assets management solutions, where objects must be located, verified, and managed autonomously in real-time.

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