May 16, 2024

PSA Expands Its Public Presence in Rail

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PSA is increasingly making its presence felt in the global media space.

Last week, we were glad to introduce ourselves to the New in Signal readership and reveal our impressive contribution to rail signaling modernization worldwide. Being on par with Wabtec, Fraucher Sensor Technology, and other signaling-related companies featured there, we promote next-gen signaling operations for the rail industry to adapt to current and future realities. 

New in Signal – is a biweekly newsletter targeted at signaling professionals to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends, insights, and global industry capabilities. It provides a convenient platform for knowledge and ideas sharing among rail stakeholders around the world, thus helping address global and local railway challenges. For more details, follow the link below.

Despite the strong segmentation of the railway market, we believe that technology convergence now plays a more important role than ever before in alleviating the challenges that the digital age brings to signaling. Now, it’s worth grasping opportunities for the crucial expertise exchange and providing knowledge transfer between experts all over the world to fully unlock digital signaling capacities. For PSA, the mission is precisely to provide confidence over the upcoming future through the seamless modernization of signaling, interlocking, dispatching, and maintenance systems regardless of the location and system type.

PSA would like to highlight that we always open for conversation and ready to build strong relationship with partners, please, contact us by filling out the form below.

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