October 19, 2023

PSA at RSSI & APTA Events: How We Benefited There

The first two weeks of October were especially eventful for PSA. We gained a meaningful experience by participating in the Railway Interchange show in Indianapolis and the APTA Expo in Orlando, where we shared a booth with WAGO. Let’s talk about everything in order. 

Our colleagues at the APTA's Transform Conference

First, we successfully presented TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor, our innovative product for level crossing monitoring built on WAGO hardware. Anyone interested was able to dive into an interactive demo showing how the product operates, inquire about the technical details, and discuss conditions for its acquisition. We clearly demonstrated how to use TraxSentinel from the Dispatcher, Administrator, and Maintainer workplace, building up a comprehensive view of the IoT-based maintenance of level crossings. This allowed both maintenance companies and representatives of the rail authorities to try this approach for their business processes.

 Second, we are excited about fruitful negotiations held during the events. It was a significant point for us to find common ground with transportation companies of various focuses and offer our expertise in signaling design, interlocking hardware and software, dispatching systems, and predictive maintenance applications among others. We would especially like to highlight Transdev, RailWorks, Westermo, Railcomm, Clearblade, and Frauscher, with whom we expect to set mutual cooperation in the near future. Looking forward to promising projects and opportunities to expand our expertise on cutting-edge rail technologies. 

During both events, we were able to present TraxSentinel – Smart Advisor and had fruitful negotiations with other companies.
If you were not able to attend the events or meet us there, PSA will be pleased to demonstrate TraxSentinel capabilities online, as well as reveal our expertise in a variety of rail applications. Let’s get connected and catch up!

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