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Our client, a provider of internet audio products owned by a major automotive manufacturer, came to PSA with a request to develop a user-friendly car sharing app for corporate use. At the dawn of shared mobility, the client intended to perform a market test to investigate the sociology of car swapping and decide whether to invest in developing a similar service for public use.


Client Challenge

Run a pilot car sharing program in a controlled environment to assess the experience of swapping services.

Project Objective

Develop a multi-platform car sharing app for corporate use while considering frequently changing requirements.


In tight cooperation with the client, we created a peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing application, providing a convenient platform for swapping cars between the company’s employees for the short and long term. 

Running on Android, iOS, and Web platforms, the app provides the following functionality: 

  • Register, log in, and set up user profiles

  • Select car by model, fuel, drive, and transmission type, personalized vehicle restrictions setting (ie. smoking, transporting pets, etc.),

  • Browse the history and schedule of availability, request, book, and confirm cars

  • Add vehicles to the pool

  • See the owner’s contact information

  • Get notifications of time starts and finishes

  • Document the condition of the car before and after the exchange

The PSA team performed the core development activities in parallel with the server backend and app interface design development on the client’s side. We structured the client’s concept by creating a use cases diagram and app architecture then defining requirements for interfaces, global types and structures within the software, and event processing. During development, we reviewed designs from the client’s side and performed testing and bug fixing, demonstrating strong collaboration. 

Aimed at investigation, the project has undergone 8 changes during development. We shared the client’s goals and have been adaptable to the project needs through conducting additional research, promptly reassessing terms, and re-calculating budget when needed. Thus, for instance, IE support and Facebook SDK were included in the app.

As a result, the client gained a simple and user-friendly car sharing application available on smartphones, tablets, and via the web. We also provided knowledge and technology transfer for the client’s team to refine and further develop the app internally.

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Development Included

  • Requirements clarification
  • Architecture design
  • Software development
  • Interface design review
  • Project change requests implementation
  • Testing & debugging
  • Documentation creation



  • Car sharing app completed

  • Market test run, and the required data was collected

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 2.5 people
  • 19 months

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