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The client is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional equipment for radiation monitoring with a global presence in over 40 countries. They intended to expand the possibilities for consumer-product interactions by offering a mobile app for handy storying and management of radiation data collected by their devices. To address public safety concerns, the application was also expected to be connected with the national resource to observe and share data on radioactive contamination.


Client Challenge

Supplement handheld dosimeters with the mobile app to ensure simple and reliable control of radiation levels.

Project Objective

Provide a reliable connection with personal dosimeters and comprehensive control of radiation rates through the mobile app.


The PSA team designed a radiation management mobile application compatible with all versions of the client’s personal dosimeters. Built on the Android platform, the delivered application supports the following functionality:

  • Immediate receiving and display of real-time measured data on radiation rate

  • Storying, showing, and searching for historical data

  • Showing route map of the device movements

  • Sound and visual alerts when the radiation rate is exceeded

  • Sharing data over social networks, and its upload to the national radiation monitoring service

Considering the use of the application together with the client’s dosimeters in the field, we implemented the following features to ensure all the functions are performed correctly: 

  • Support communication over Bluetooth 4.0 with client’s dosimeters

  • New devices discovery and pairing support

  • Positioning support, and integration with Google Maps

  • Implementation of storage of event history in various formats

For the first phase, we integrated support for two of the client's devices; after tests were accomplished successfully, support was implemented for the other 9. Thus, the app became compatible with multiple models of the client’s dosimeters.

To promote public safety, we provided accessibility for the measured radiation data. Our team established a connection with the client’s dedicated server, and the national web-based platform – RadResponder – that is used for sharing the measured radiation data remotely. To do this, our team implemented the integration of the RadResponder protocol to upload data on the server and implement the user interface for configuring the connection to the RadResponder server, which required:

  • A detailed review of RadResponder API and the design of the changes

  • Protocol implementation

  • Configuration UI for server connectivity implementation

Finally, we published the app to Google Play for public download, which allowed our client to promote new capabilities immediately.

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Development Included

  • Requirements definition
  • Software development
  • User interface design
  • Functional, system, and regression testing
  • Bug fixing
  • User guide creation (bilingual)
  • Support by request


  • 10k+ downloads

  • App contributed to increasing sales of personal dosimeters by 7%

  • Simplified operation for customs and border control, steel and recycling industry, waste management sites, etc.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 2 people
  • 10 months

Further Cooperation

This project laid the foundation for our close and long-term cooperation with the client on a range of radiology-related projects.

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