SlideShow Application


Due to the rapid growth of mobile application users in 2009, our company decided to develop a SlideShow application for Android. This application was a proprietary freeware product of Professional Software Associates that could be downloaded from the Android Market.


The developers were faced with the task of developing an application that would help share pictures with other people in the form of a media slide show. This would give the user the option to playback, pause, and resume a slideshow, as well as select and initiate playback  from a desired slide.


The SlideShow application was designed to display a sequence of images that included specified delays, text, and voice commentary or background music. 

This application could be used as an effective tool for creation of multimedia tutorials on different subjects, including software applications. Any Android user could easily create their own slide show using step-by-step "how-to" instructions. If desired, it could be saved as a media file and uploaded to YouTube.

Development Included

  • GUI design.
  • Software development and testing.
  • Slide show tutorial creation.
  • Publishing on Android Market.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 6 Team Members
  • 3 Months

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