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In 2008, due to the rapid growth of mobile application users, our company decided to develop a Stream Media Player for Android. This application was a proprietary freeware product of Professional Software Associates that could be downloaded from the Android Market.


The project was to investigate streaming capabilities of the Android Framework and develop a stream player with expandable architecture. This was also to demonstrate PSA’s capability of applying new features to Android phones for future potential clients.


The application allowed the user to view web videos, Internet TV, and locally stored multimedia files. It also featured the ability to save links for automatic recall. The media player also contained pre-configured links to launch easily, and an Internet Radio Widget. The application supported JPEG and Motion JPEG web cameras as well as H.263/H.264 RTSP streams widely supported by mobile devices. 

On October 30, 2009, it was published to the Android Market as a free application. Users of Android phones could download and install the Stream Media Player directly from the Android Market. Within 10 months after its initial publishing on the Android Market, the number of the Stream Media Player application downloads exceeded 150,000. The Player gained popularity among Android phone users. In the Guest Book of the product the majority of the comments were positive with some practical suggestions on improvement. PSA took into consideration the feedback from the Android Market forum on improvements to be made to the Stream Player. Thanks to the reviews, new versions of the player have been delivered, with a total of 7 releases.

Updated applications contained the following new features and more:

  • Rapid rotation for video screen

  • Extended Internet Radio support 

  • Improved performance and stability

  • Ability to filter WMV files while opening

  • Hidden status bar for full-screen mode

  • Repairs on minor defects   

The PSA team provided support for servers which did not allow for direct video playing. In this case, the video content had been downloaded and then played as local content. 

The Stream Media Player later became available for download in two versions: Free and Pro. Both shared the same functionality, with the Free version displaying promotional banners.

Development Included

  • Gui design and development.
  • Support for RTP/ RTSP/ HTTP video streams.
  • Support for JPEG/ Motion JPEG web cameras.
  • Support for portrait and landscape screen modes.
  • Full-screen video playback mode support.
  • Snapshot functionality.
  • Links’ history support.
  • Playback locally stored files.
  • Function testing.
  • Help creation.
  • Publishing on Android Market.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 5 Team Members
  • 4 Months

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