Signaling System for Rail Yard


As part of a significant project on a metropolitan area rail upgrade, PSA was involved in building a storage yard facility for commuter railcars. During the pre-commissioning stage, it required reliable engineering support to ensure an issue-free signaling design to seamlessly proceed to the FAT and SAT stages.


Client Challenge

Launch commissioning preparation for the rail yard facility.

Project Objective

Execute the final review of the signaling system for the newly built rail yard to ensure its performance.


To validate that the signaling system could be incorporated within the rail storage yard, the PSA engineering team executed the final review of HW and SW designs presented in the Book of Plans provided by the client. By analyzing documents and pictures from locations, we provided the following:

  • HW updates to eliminate circuit design inconsistencies 

  • Verification and changes to SW part adjusting interlocking application logic

The double-line track plan was updated for each of the 9 locations within the rail yard, as well as markups that were made. Due to many initial mistakes in documents, PSA executed several lengthy reissues of the deliverables. 

As a result, the client received the updated Book of Plans with all the issues fixed to proceed with further activities. This allowed FAT and SAT for the rail yard signaling system to be performed without any issues.

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Development Included

  • Documentation investigation
  • Documentation updates



  • BOP was completed for 9 locations

  • No more signaling updates during commissioning

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 5 Signaling Engineers
  • 15 months

Further Cooperation

We have an ongoing collaboration with this client on projects both for this railway system and others around the world, such as the Modernization of suburban rail or Interlocking systems for commuter rail.

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