Passwordless MFA System: Web & IT Infrastructure Development


In 2018, Identité, an American seed-funded startup in authentication solutions, turned to PSA for turnkey product development. After a PoC and the core development of a top-secure passwordless MFA solution were completed, it remained to deploy the server infrastructure and provide a platform for product sales.


Customer Challenge

Enter the market with the USP of a passwordless MFA solution requiring minimum actions by a user during a maximum level of security.

Project Objective

Develop server infrastructure to provide the operation of the application and store customer data. Develop a platform (website) for online sales of the NoPass.


The PSA team developed a website on Wix platform to help Identité spread the word about NoPass. We executed all development activities an expeditious manner without sacrificing quality and provided graphical and UI/UX design according to the NoPass brand book. The website is structured to be filled with articles, whitepapers, datasheets, press releases on external resources, videos, demos with experts from the client’s company. Also, we provided Identité with a branding logo, graphics, colors, fonts, and media design.

To introduce NoPass we created the server environment that was consisted of:

  • a testing environment

  • a demo environment for the Identité sales department

  • the environment directly for customer use

For building the IT infrastructure, PSA took three separate approaches for setting up NoPass servers. 

First, we implemented a physical server for NoPass based in Clearwater, FL. This is the main testing environment where all new versions are first deployed and tested before a stable version is released. This solution consists of:

  • Server backend communicating with all the sections of the application

  • Several websites to test the NoPass Registration/Authentication

  • iOS/Android mobile applications

  • Administrator Portal for managing the websites and their users

Secondly, we chose a dedicated cloud server (AWS) to be used by the company's sales team for demos, and by their partners for implementation. It was essential to choose a stable function, with both high availability and 24/7 uptime. 

Lastly, our specialists published all four products – NoPass Consumer, NoPass MFA, NoPass SSO, and NoPass Consumer SDK – on AWS Marketplace. The container images housing the latest versions used by the client’s partners are uploaded here for customers. All container images take advantage of Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS, elastic container, and Kubernetes services. To allow the opportunity to deploy the application in any environment, we developed CI/CD service. By connecting special instances to the region it became easy to deploy NoPass on both physical and virtual servers, without rewriting URLs.

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Development Included

  • Website development
  • Design activities
  • IT infrastructure deployment
  • CI and CD setup
  • Publishing in clouds
  • Functional and acceptance testing
  • Automation testing
  • Regression testing
  • Smoke testing


  • Ready for e-commerce sites, workplace and business applications, financial, healthcare, and government use

  • Sales of PaaS solution increased by 200% after a half of a year

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 6 people
  • 6 months

Further Cooperation

The PSA team discovered that it would be much more convenient for future Identité clients to use the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) version of NoPass. This solution implies minimum actions for the Identité clients in deploying IT infrastructure for NoPass. We launched a NoPass cloud solution that allows their customers to connect directly to the cloud and operate with the app. Thus, customers are getting rid of physical servers to store the info.

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