Dosimeter Mobile Application


In 2014 Polimaster, a manufacturer of radiation measurement & detection instruments with a global presence in over 55 countries, approached PSA with a project requiring the development of an Android mobile application for a dosimeter.


The project was to develop an Android mobile application that would communicate with a wide list of dosimeters over Bluetooth.

The resulting application had to be able to receive and display real-time measurement data, store history and upload measured data onto NPNET or RadResponder servers, show tracking on Google Maps (GPS, mobile network), and share data over social networks (Facebook, Twitter).


The PSA team performed design, development and testing of a mobile application on Android 4.3+ platforms to display the data received from a personal handheld dosimeter via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) protocol with a variety of personal dosimeters. 

The final application allowed controlling the level of radiation and accumulated dose, saving the data and route map of the device movements within preset periods of time, and the capability to send the data to a remote server. In the event that the preset limit of radiation was to be exceeded, the application would initiate a sound alert.

Development Included

  • Requirements definition.
  • User interface design.
  • Support communication over Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Positioning support, integration with Google maps.
  • Implementation of storage of event history in various formats.
  • New devices discovery and pairing support.
  • Functional, system and regression testing.
  • User guide development in Russian and English.

Technology Breakdown

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