Power Generator Embedded Ethernet Library


In 2010, Kohler Inc., a leading manufacturer of residential generators, chose PSA for implementation of its Embedded Ethernet Library project. It was the first of many projects with this client which launched a long-term cooperation with PSA.


The Ethernet library had to be designed to provide a simple API for network communication and additional network services for easy remote configuration of the company’s products. The library was developed with the capability to be reused in the customer's products lineup, including both current and future models as needed. PSA also delivered an accommodating security mechanism for network data exchange.


The project objective was to define and create a communication library that acted as an extension of an existing USB library which introduced transport and protocol layers. 

The library encapsulated TCP/IP networking functionality and security for a residential power generator controller. Functionality of the library was designed to allow Kohler products developed on the NXP LPC2468 family of processors to add automatic configuration features and simplify remote configuration and administration of devices. The solution included a specific customer tool that provided monitoring and remote configuration of devices through TCP/IP protocol.

Development Included

  • Design of Ethernet Library and Library API.
  • Full integration with the custom USB KPDP protocol implementation.
  • DHCP protocol integration.
  • TCP\IP transport layer integration.
  • USB library refactoring.
  • Integration of security layer into the custom KPDP protocol.
  • Integration and functional testing.
  • Full source code review.

Technology Breakdown

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