Car Radio Playback Development


In 2012 Delphi Automotive System Inc, an American automotive company, turned to PSA for a Black Tie Radios project implementation. Our team delivered an updated embedded software with numerous new features within just 8 months.


The Сustomer set the task to develop the car radio playback based on the Pioneer S10 playback device, with implementation and improvement of new features and functionality. The development phase included integration into the current HMI framework with new HMI updates.


The playback development for the Black Tie Radios project involved the porting of an existing audio framework from the Kenwood 9000 platform into Black Tie radio, in addition to the implementation of several new features. These new functions included: 

  • Power Control

  • Load disk

  • Play/Stop/Eject

  • FastForward / FastBackward

  • Track Up/Down

  • Folder Up/Down

  • Text data

  • Playlist support

  • Random Play

  • Music Navigator

  • Repeat Functionality

The Agile methodology was used on the project and the entire development process was carried out with the help of a scrum master.

Development Included

  • New features implementation.
  • Playback and Music Navigator functional improvement.
  • Source code, script development for Black Tie radio.
  • Incorporate features of the Kenwood 9000 playback device.
  • HMI updates implementation.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 6 Team Members
  • 8 Months

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