Web Upgrades for Signaling Simulation System


Our world-famous client owns a simulation product to streamline signaling design and validation efforts, while meeting the peculiarities of local rail markets as well as performance requirements. The product provides an integrated system of field data acquisition devices and a server-based application, thus requiring impeccable communication capabilities. To refine the tool, they required a highly qualified specialist in web development capable of addressing critical issues and enhancing functionality to ensure seamless data collection, building, and testing all kinds of signaling scenarios.


Client Challenge

Complete the modernization of the signaling simulation tool by ensuring its trouble-free web operation.

Project Objective

Empower the client team on the simulator with a senior resource to enrich the functionality and reliability of the web-based tool.


To upgrade the web-based tool, our dedicated resource had to gain a comprehensive view of the system operation that also involves data acquisition devices and intermediate application for hardware-web data transfer. Having carefully studied the integrated simulation system, our engineer accomplished the following:

  • Addressed issues for core web functionality (prototypes & clones), provided correct data filling and simulation execution for multiple scenarios;

  • Addressed issues with the Apache web server;

  • Improved interaction for .dll converter – a decompiling tool to alleviate changes and search for errors within signaling applications.

The project also involved a large amount of work with HMI and graphics elements:

  • Style and animation for graphics elements reflecting signaling components;

  • Visual files templates loading functionality, as well as the creation of local objects based on them;

  • Creation of HMI elements, such as indication, track circuit, and switch for the intermediate application;

  • .svg to HTML importing. 

Lastly, PSA updated the End-User Guide to reflect all system changes that impact the operation and control of the tool. 

As a result, our client has gained a modernized server-based application with improved interaction between its elements. The enhancements provided have retained the ability for trouble-free usage of the simulator by non-technical stakeholders as well.

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Development Included

  • Software Development
  • UI design
  • System Testing
  • User Guide Updates



  • Augmented functional capabilities

  • Enhanced interactions between components 

  • Improved adaptability to new signaling environments

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 1 Software Engineer
  • 4 months

Further Cooperation

Having a vast expertise with integrated system development, PSA was entrusted with the development of Simulator of the Rail Interlocking Devices - a solution for complete testing and validation of various signaling scenarios.

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