Hardware Platform Replacement for the Access Control Device


In 2018, PSA was approached by a leader in senior care technology solutions and products development. Their existing devices used for physical access management of elderly care facilities had simple functionality that could not satisfy the need for comprehensive entry control; thus, enhancements were required.


Client Challenge

Adapt the access management device to meet the need for comprehensive access control.

Project Objective

Replace the hardware platform for the access control device to enhance its functionality while fitting into the dimensions of the existing enclosure.


To refine the control device functionality PSA developed a special extension board for the Raspberry Pi computer, as a replacement to the old platform based on a NetBurner Nano board. The updated device has the following features:

  • Connection with PC via 2 serial ports

  • Miniature display for the configuration data

  • Reset configuration parameters button

  • Visual alerts by LED

  • Power regulation

  • Date and time support

  • Improved memory usage – low energy consumption and durability

Focusing on layout and mechanical design correspondingly, PSA successfully fit the developed hardware platform into the existing enclosure dimensions. Also, the product was provided considering the usage of existing chips, as well as existing interface drivers.  

Additionally, we made some software modifications to the default operating system to support all  additional hardware on the Serial Hat extension board for Raspberry Pi. The PSA team tuned the Raspberry Pi to have the necessary drivers for ports on the Serial Hat board.

Finally, our client got 5 tested prototypes of boards that were ready to be utilized within the access control device. The provided solution is much more flexible, and allows for future improvements if required.

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Development Included

  • Specifications review
  • Components selection
  • Electrical design
  • PCB layout design
  • Mechanical design
  • Firmware development
  • Documentation creation
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Design adjustments


  • Time-to-market in 1 month

  • Sales increased by 12%

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 1 person
  • 3 months

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