EMDS 4 System Implementation


In 2018 Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in Applied Science with a presence in over 50 countries, once again turned to PSA for a new project implementation. This was not our first cooperation with this customer, and we were pleased with the trust. This time, PSA was tasked with delivering the EMDS-4 System Implementation Project.


The primary objective of the project was to implement a system used with a third party irradiator hardware to perform annual calibration checks on dosimeters. 

EMDS-4 is a calibration system that simplifies the process of issuing certificates for the use of irradiators. It was necessary to create a repository for data storage to analyze data in a simpler way; and web service, that could help to access data from different places.

The EMDS-4 system is a web server, which provides an external interface to an irradiator system and allows the irradiator user to select a calibration check procedure from the list of available procedures, get procedure configuration parameters, and verify calibration check results for each EPD that was checked – it acts as a central repository for the EPD calibration and related data.

The system provides a web user interface for configuration and allows a user to print reports. It also includes a database, which manages users, list of irradiators, and list of procedures with parameters, as well as, EPDs and calibration check results.


The EMDS-4 System Implementation Project consisted of the following stages: to define requirements, as well as design, implement and perform functional testing of the EMDS-4 System application.

The first step of the EMDS-4 Application project was to define and document requirements for the Thermo EMDS-4 software. The EMDS-4 application was to become a central repository for EPD Calibration check and relative data received from EPD Irradiators. It was supposed to contain a User Interface for interaction with the User of EMDS as well as the processing module for receiving data.

The second step of the EMDS-4 Application project was the development activities. Microsoft SQL server was selected for the cloud data storage, and a custom API was developed for communication with the web app written with Angular JS. After the development stage all the parts of the system were properly tested.  

Development Included

  • Onsite requirement collecting.
  • Create software requirements specification.
  • Core business logic definition.
  • System design.
  • System implementation.
  • API implementation.
  • Requirements clarification.
  • DB implementation.
  • Functional testing.
  • Web application implementation.
  • Guides creation.

Technology Breakdown

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