Dosimeters Calibration Check System


After the successful delivery of a number of projects, we continued cooperation with our client, a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific radiation measurement equipment. For certification purposes, Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPDs) have to be checked annually and calibrated if necessary. To perform calibration checks for dosimeters, the client needed a flexible and scalable tool that could interact with all the 3rd party irradiators used for this purpose.


Client Challenge

Simplify the process of issuing certificates for the multiple types of EPDs, including models currently in development.

Project Objective

Expand the functionality of the calibration-check system to ensure simple annual verification for various types of dosimeters, which allows for adding new devices and remote access.


To ensure rapid and reliable dosimeter calibration checks, the PSA team developed a software solution that interacts with irradiators to perform these checks in real-time. It acts as a central repository for the EPD calibration and related data, providing an external interface to the calibrating system. The application allows for the following actions:

  • Choose a procedure for the calibration check from the list

  • Get procedure configuration parameters

  • Verify calibration check results for each EPD

  • Receive and print reports

  • Manage users, lists of irradiators, procedures, EPDs, and calibration check results

During the project, the PSA team solved the issue of scalability, thus allowing the delivered software to interact with the legacy, new, and prospective generations and types of dosimeters launched by our client and 3rd party irradiators. To promote scalability, we ensured the calibration check configurations include facultative elements that can run only if they are defined in the database. 

Thus, the PSA-designed interface allows for: 

  • Adjustment to capabilities of various irradiators, including various sources, dose rates, capacity, throughput, and levels of automation

  • Adjustment to the more advanced EPD concepts such as detector counter readings, detector gains, and partial doses 

  • Compliance with application-dependant technical recommendations

  • Addressing specific issues that a customer might face

For the third-party irradiators to be seamlessly connected, we created APIs for the calibrating system. We simplified the integration process by utilizing the simulators for the maintenance database system and irradiators. 

We provided the client with all the necessary documentation for the system to be easily installed at any location globally. The documentation includes a User Guide, Administrator Guide, Deployment Guide, and Engineering Interface Specification.

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Development Included

  • Onsite requirements definition
  • Software design
  • API implementation
  • Database implementation
  • Web application implementation
  • UI development
  • Documentation creation
  • Functional testing
  • Acceptance testing



  • Calibration-checks are available for future generations of dosimeters with the use of various types of irradiators

  • Dosimeter verifications are performed faster

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 2.5 people
  • 13 months

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