Universal Drive Configuration Tool: Enhancement


In 2018, we delivered a tool for the drive to coordinate the performance of various motor types simultaneously. The drive was in demand among manufacturers thanks to its universal and user-friendly nature. When the customer started to get feedback on the tool from their clients, they contacted us to develop a new generation of this software.


Customer Challenge

Meet a wider range of customers’ expectations for the tool’s operation in production mode that requires a large number of various engines.

Project Objective

Expand the scope of the application and functionality of the drive configuration tool to meet the customers’ industrial requests.


To make the drive applicable on a wider scale, we implemented support for new motor drives and new motor types to be controlled. To expand functionality, we added new monitoring, testing and tuning tools, and the capability to import drive parameters from other projects and connected drives._

  • The functionality of Sending/receiving CAN packet through the USB interface  

  • All parameters in the CAN protocol

Also, we added support for 10 new Factory and 50 new User parameters in the communication library, as well as visualization and management of the 10 new Factory and 50 new User parameters in GUI.

The updated tool also supports service messages and allows users to create custom messages. To make it flexible, we implemented new pages for setting up parameters: AUX, CAN, and Calibration. 

Considering new functions and parameters, we added User Manuals for all the work modes. Also, to ease the operation within the tools we updated help files.   

By the end of the project, the client received an installation package for the application with improved functionality and a more advanced GUI. Developing new features and protocols for the application facilitated the firmware development, and allowed our customer to complete their development scope effectively.

Development Included

  • Requirements clarification
  • Software design and development
  • Communication library development
  • GUI development
  • Functional and performance testing



  • Share of large companies among our client’s customers increased by 20%

  • Product sales increased by 40%

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 3.5 people
  • 12 months

To deliver the solution we additionally ulitized the following technologies:

  • MS Visual Studio


  •  Qt

  • QT Creator

  • MinGW

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