Touch Control for a Coffee Machine


A coffee machine manufacturer with a distinguished heritage claimed a superior user experience for their new product. Right in the middle of the project, the developer required the support of out-and-out HMI experts to complete all design activities for the touchscreen-based control under the product requirements.


Client Challenge

Superb navigation and control for brewing coffee and payments in the new-gen coffee machines.

Project Objective

Take over the HMI development to finalize the new-gen product, which provides an enhanced user experience.


PSA HMI experts with embedded backgrounds have proceeded with the activities on the semi-finished project with a lack of modules, while the existing ones needed a substantial redesign. We implemented and improved several user screens ensuring seamless user control of a coffee machine. 

The coffee machine has been amplified with the following:

  • Logging window fixing all the machine events and user actions

  • Sorting and filtering functionality 

  • Animated icons for various coffee types

  • Video playback as digital signage during the idle time of the machine

  • Reduction of the page loading time by up to 7x

To ascertain that the machine operates as expected, we provided extensive testing for each module to verify integrity, as well as end-to-end testing simulating real user experiences, thus validating the system as a whole.

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Development Included

  • Product investigation
  • Software development
  • Unit testing
  • E2E testing



  • Tailored user experience for a coffee machine

  • The finalized product ready to be released

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 1 Software Engineer
  • 4 months

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