PTC Wayside Systems Management


The implementation of a PTC system on Class 1 freight rail lines in the US required our regular client, a global railway player, to ensure simple and secure management of interlockings. They applied for our railway development services to organize it remotely and ensure it met the requirements of the North American Positive Train Control (PTC) market.


Client Challenge

Ensure full-fledged PTC functionality for interlockings on Class I rail.

Project Objective

Provide secure remote management for wayside PTC units to simplify their configuration and maintenance, and reduce service costs.


PSA has developed a system that allows for remote management of various widely distributed MicroLok II-based wayside devices, in compliance with PTC safety requirements. The solution enables assigned operators to monitor the conditions of the WIUs (Wayside Interface Units) via the Internet, as well as adapt them to the changes found at rail locations. 

Our PTC Wayside Systems Management solution promotes the following functionality: 

  • Modification of configurable items

  • Receiving system alarms

  • Viewing of system messages, alerts, and errors

This solution also allows for targeted maintenance of WIUs when it is necessary, unlike scheduled maintenance under a standard and redundant set of procedures.

During the development process our team implemented:

  • User Interface within a browser to manage remote hardware

  • Communications for remote Wayside Units

  • Secure connection via secure shell and TCP/IP

As a result, Wayside Interface Units can be remotely managed from the back office in a secure manner, while any communication disruptions cannot affect the interlocking system stability.

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Development Included

  • Functional Requirements Review
  • Architecture Design
  • Software Development
  • Firmware Updates
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing


  • 100% compliance with PTC requirements

  • WIU maintenance cost has been reduced by 35%

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 2.5 people
  • 5 months

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