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Back in 2008, one of the first projects for FiberPlex was to develop a multi platform desktop application that would configure, investigate, and manage a network of Industrial/Robotics devices that are connected over fiber-optic cable. These devices are installed in auditoriums, concert halls, music clubs, and performing arts centers.


To best serve the client, PSA had to ensure that the application was compatible with the Shadow Platform, an Industrial/Robotics architecture that connects multiple modules for transporting various data. An example of some of the types of data included were: Analog and Digital Audio, Video, Intercom, Ethernet and control data. 

Another challenge was to program the SPSC to graphically represent the existing “star” network in order to have the ability to communicate with any of the current system modules by both transmitting and receiving. 

It was necessary to make the SPSC itself a part of the network and create an expandable architecture based on the “plugins concept”.


After performing a thorough assessment, our team of engineers and developers carefully examined the available technologies and then built out a robust functionality for the controller. We provided our client with a solution that featured parameter settings, a network status display, and real-time audio metering data. These applied to both single and multiple modules within the network.  

We anticipated our client’s aspirations by ensuring that the application included the Pre Fader Listen (PFL) option for the audio module through the host systems sound card. 

Another exciting feature our developers took pride in was the option of investigating the network topology and creating graphical map representation. In addition, the application allowed its users to save and recall the configuration of all modules in the network to a file.

A flexible list of options also included:

  • Multiview support

  • A customizable layout

  • Alternation between on-line and off-line modes

  • Off-line topology creation and editing using Map Edit functionality

To dramatically improve performance, we ensured that the application had plug-in support for new types of audio devices and chat functionality to other network SPSCs.

Development Included

  • Requirements definition.
  • Architecture and design.
  • Customized UI.
  • Development and testing.
  • Installation application.
  • Help system.
  • Long term support.

Platform Panel

Platform Panel

Platform Map

Platform Map

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