Log File Analyzing Tool


In 2012 PSA delivered a Log File Analyzing tool for Abbott Molecular Inc., a genomic disease management company. The Company specializes in the development of clinical laboratory products (management of cancer, prenatal disorders, and other genetic diseases) and promoting them to world markets.


The primary objective for the Log File Analyzing Tool (LFAT) project was to develop a tool capable of processing m2000sp device logs, allowing for efficient and precise troubleshooting in case it was required. 

Its primary function was the analysis of log files, graphical representation of errors, and resolution recommendations, which resulted in maintenance cost reduction.


The user interface was a 2-dimensional view of the worktable and the LiHa, RoMa, PosID areas with a green dot on the location not giving any error, and a red dot on the location with an error. By clicking on the red dot, the user directly received the information needed for the particular error. Additionally, the user received a general overview that included the following information: 1) if the problem was a single event versus repeated error, and 2) if it was a hardware issue, an application issue, or possibly user-related.

The Log File Analyzing Tool employed various internal subtools:

  • Log Explorer Dialog: allowed simultaneous exploration of the actual log filers

  • Error List Dialog: browsing errors that occurred within m2000sp device

  • Liquid Level Sense Dialog: receiving well-organized measurement data on each and every location of m2000sp device and more

The log information processed can also be exported for further analysis of log files.

Development Included

  • Functional Requirements definition.
  • GUI design and development.
  • Functional and acceptance testing.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 8 Team Members
  • 3 Months

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