IS-IP Intercom System Integration


In 2013, PSA signed a contract for the integration of the IS-IP Intercom system with Aiphone Corporation (AC), a leading North-American manufacturer of intercommunication systems and accessories. Aiphone offers products as simple as a “do-it-yourself” answering unit to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems.


Aiphone Corporation defined specifications for the software development of a Device Translator (Driver) module, a key requirement for integration of the Aiphone IS-IP Intercom System. The assignment was to develop the Device Translator module, perform functional testing and assist with the certification process.

Our task was to assist AC by creating a support code that would integrate with the intercom system and interact with the security system. The importance of the integration was to allow for the Intercom System to interface with OnGuard, which would provide access control.


The project began in October 2013 with the integration of an IP Intercom system. The main objective was to convert SIF-packages into OnGuard system events and provide the transmission of the OnGuard commands into the intercom. This process involved the transportation of the audio and video information over the communication channel and events logging.  

PSA’s team completed the project by developing the software with all of the requested features. The resulting system flawlessly met all of the criteria during testing to successfully pass the certification.

The Technical Coordinator from PSA was onsite during the certification testing to ensure that the system fit all of the requirements. 

Development Included

  • Requirements preparation.
  • Specifications review.
  • Converting SIF-packages into OnGuard system events.
  • Transmission of commands from OnGuard to Intercoms.
  • Events logging implementation.
  • ImplementationSetup events privacy for OnGuard.
  • Audio and video streaming to the OnGuard security system.
  • Functional, system and integration testing.

Technology Breakdown

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