Global Release for the Railcar Maintenance Products


Our client, a major player engaged in addressing the world’s toughest transportation challenges, owns two products for the management of billing and maintenance operations for railcars. These products provide railcar owners/leasers and repair shops with timely data on billings, maintenance history, mileages, failures, audits against AAR, predictive maintenance indicators, as well as BA reports, allowing for the enhancement of management activities. After the release of their products in the US, they intended to launch them to the global market. This global expansion required adaptations for different languages and cultural specifics.


Client Challenge

Prepare railcar maintenance products for entrance to the international market.

Project Objective

Adjust the product for international use in any region.


The PSA team performed the internationalization of 2 railcar maintenance products, having their source code prepared for further local adaptations. We implemented mechanisms allowing for adding multiple languages, units of measurement, currencies, and so on, as well as adjusted page layouts when required.

At first, the PSA engineer went onsite to study the products’ features in its functional environment, and defined requirements based on the client’s existing internationalization framework. 

Our engineering team has worked on 400+ UI screens for:

  • Web app created to monitor railcar maintenance process and billing

  • Mobile app created to check entry/exit of railcar and fast data entry for maintenance and repair in the field

To adapt both products to multiple languages, we utilized mock language providing appropriate logic. We performed internationalization considering the linguistic specifics of various languages, ensuring variations in the length of messages, specific symbols, and sentence structure. 

PSA executed this project in tight cooperation with the client’s team, providing them with all necessary materials for testing in their local environment when unable to support testing remotely. As a result, our client was able to start localization activities – adaptation for every specific region.

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Development Included

  • Requirements definition (onsite)
  • Environment setup
  • PHP components internationalization
  • ASP.NET components internationalization
  • Source code merge and delivery
  • Use cases creation
  • Regression and smoke testing
  • Documentation creation



  • 2 products were completely ready for localization

  • Global market within 3 months

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 3 people
  • 9 months

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