Car Radio Device Integration


A leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for the automotive industry was searching for the optimal component formula for their car radio product line. They approached PSA to provide seamless integration and overall upgrades for the car radio device.


Client Challenge

Launch an enhanced version of the car radio utilizing 3rd party CD drive while keeping the same device behavior for the end user

Project Objective

Integrate CD drive into the car radio while enriching the functionality set of the device.


Focusing on increased efficiency and smooth operation, the PSA engineering team integrated the 3rd-party CD drive into the Pioneer-based car radio device by porting the drive’s SW framework to the target platform. We compared the operation mode of these two devices, defined code modules to be reused, and updated the firmware for the newly-made device.

Our team adjusted the existing HMI to the new playback hardware (CD), resolving the interface differences between the old and the new UI behaviors. The upgraded car radio device supports a complete set of basic functions like play/stop/eject, load disc, fast forward / fast backward, folder up/down, playlist support, power control, etc. Additionally, we included new functions at the client’s request:

  • Music navigator

  • Random playback

  • Repeat functionality

Extensive bug fixing within the existing device was required to improve overall productivity. Thus, PSA increased speed for consecutive track switching, improved the algorithm to move between folders, fixed long waiting after disc loading, and optimized memory usage.

As an output, the client received a ready-to-launch car radio device with CD support and extended functionality. PSA provided our complete support during the warranty period as well.

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Development Included

  • Firmware Porting and Updates
  • UI updates
  • Testing & Bug fixing



  • Enhanced car radio device is ready for mass production

  • Seamless CD functioning within car radio

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 1 Senior SW Engineer
  • 4 SW Engineers
  • 5 months

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