Train Control / SCADA System Testing


In 2013, a railway infrastructure company based in the USA started a collaboration with PSA on a Train Control / SCADA System Testing project. The entire scope of work consisted of two parts: software verification and validation (V&V) services and software test services.


The primary objective of this testing project was to deliver software V&V services for the Train Control/SCADA System to the customer. The system provided train control functions for a mining railroad with 245 km of track and 15 control points.  

A globally recognized manufacturer of both freight and passenger locomotives and diesel engines, contracted the PSA engineering team for a number of testing activities performed remotely, as well as onsite at the client facilities. The Senior Quality Assurance Engineers were required to execute Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) procedures while onsite over a period of several weeks.


Lasting for more than a year, the majority of the project involved software Verification and Validation (V&V) services, consisting of requirements analysis and tracing using the “Requirements Traceability Matrix”. The testing was performed using two approaches: functional and acceptance. In order to get the preliminary results, the functional testing began with ad-hoc testing. This was followed by remote and onsite functional regression testing, which reports defects and solutions verification to a computer-aided dispatching system in South America. To complete the acceptance portion, test-case definitions were prepared for FAT procedures, including simulations. Documentation of bug reports and testing metrics were provided to the customer. PSA engineers actively participated in training sessions with the customer as a part of the project.

Development Included

  • Analysis of system requirements.
  • Test planning.
  • Test procedures definition and update.
  • Execution of test cycles for a number of software releases, including verification of all system functions.
  • Remote and onsite testing.
  • Test results reporting.

Technology Breakdown

Project size
  • 6 Team Members
  • 14 Months

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