Cellular ODBII Version of Streamer Device


In 2019, PSA delivered a Cellular ODBII version of a Streamer device for B+B SmartWorx (formerly known as B&B Electronics), a leading provider of M2M and IoT connectivity solutions.  We provided the firmware implementation based on the Customer’s requirements. 


The main task of the device was to immediately identify incorrect driving and send a signal as notification of malfunction. This helped to quickly prevent a breakdown or an accident, which  significantly increased driving safety.

Professional Software Associates, Inc. needed to implement firmware to support deployment of the existing Streamer device with additional interfaces for GPS, LTE CatM radio, and Bluetooth on a BG96 ARM based CPU with supporting Firmware & Configuration updates over the air.

Support activities included Firmware and Configuration updates for wireless transmission.


ThreadX OS was used as one of the most popular RTOS systems with the support of multiple threads, which was essential to  the project objectives. GPS receiver support was added on the new hardware as well as the LTE radio module and Bluetooth chipset. FOTA and SOTA functionality  implementation was performed  as part of the interaction with the newly added wireless capabilities. The device was able to collect the location, speed, and acceleration data while providing a report to the customer’s cloud via Cellular channel.

Development Included

  • Interface development.
  • Firmware update implementation.
  • Configuration update implementation.

Technology Breakdown

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