Audio Device Firmware


From 2009-2012 PSA worked with a world leader in fiber optics-based communications - FiberPlex Technologies. The entire scope of work consisted of developing two new high end audio components for use in recording studios and live concert venues.


As the audio industry places high demands on equipment for recording and concert venues, our team had to tackle the challenge of delivering the full cycle of development and hardware integration (starting with the design all the way through testing).

FiberPlex Technologies turned to PSA to develop firmware running on a SAM7 FPGA from Xilinx. Two separate devices were created; one was for a fiber optic hub for routing multimedia information using redundant fiber optic communications, and the other was a 16-channel mic preamp. PSA was responsible for the development of the firmware, PC based control software, and user manuals.

The firmware was expected to provide robust functionality to allow I/O, conversion, and routing of versatile media content such as professional audio/video, intercom, Ethernet, RS422/232/485, and TTL data. This was necessary to guarantee flawless operation. The firmware was to include implementation of TCP/IP stack and proprietary Shadow protocol to allow for remote configuring and monitoring of the devices.


After performing an initial detailed assessment, PSA provided a solution that ensured a flawless primary connection and a redundant fiber optic connection. The fiber optic hub developed by PSA supported typical configurations of: Star, Daisy Chain, & Ring plus hybrid topology. The proprietary Shadow protocol was implemented for remote configuring and monitoring shadow devices. 

The project management activities included weekly updated project plan and budget, weekly status report and deliverables update, development tracking and activities testing, and coordinating management of project scope, cost and schedule.

Development Included

  • Creation, review and update of product design documents.
  • Real-time performance firmware development.
  • Digital signals I/O, conversion, routing and MUX.
  • Professional audio streams support.
  • Redundant fiber optics communication logics.
  • Board level integration and hardware bug fixing.
  • Source code review.
  • Test plan and test cases development and testing.

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